Preparing for Vegemite

As Raphael and I prepare for life Down Under, we decided to try out the only Australian restaurant in Montreal, TA Pies. While we highly considered trying some of the brown paste that is Vegemite that was on sale in the corner, we opted for a few other Aussie staples: meat pies, flat white coffee & TimTams.

Flakey, Warm, and Comforting, if we keep eating like this, we may have to banish ourselves to The Outback, as it will be a down right crime to be seen in our bathing suits.



One thought on “Preparing for Vegemite

  1. What is the brown and white swirly thing? Loveee this blog theme btw – I have a second blog ( for everything other than travel) using this theme too, it’s so gorge.

    Vegemite is greaaat, but I’m a little bit unAustralian and only got into it recently (grew up on Promite, don’t tell anyone), but it’s best with:
    1) toast
    2) a thin layer of butter (only time I even have butter)
    3) A thin layer of Vegemite

    Fun fact, it’s actually full of B vitamins ( or at least one B vitamin) and as a result is excellent for hangovers. Highly recommended at 2am when you stumble through the door.

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