Seeing White in Chi-Beria // En Voyant Blanc

From time differences to temperature differences. Life is all about going to extremes I guess…

(Partie Française à suivre)


As the calendar counts us down, there are only 30 days until the first leg of our Australia trip kicks off. As sensitive and strategic travelers, we carefully planned our trip to coincide with the Southern Hemisphere’s Summer. So, as the Polar Vortex strikes Chicago (or should I say Chi-Beria), Australia is starting to look better and better.


However, upon arriving in Australia, we have chosen to head towards the Northern parts of the country. Yet, to our surprise, Summer is actually the worst time to visit these regions because of the heavy rains and the invasive jellyfish (more on this to come) ! But I suppose that real life begins at the end of our comfort zones. #YOLO (Raphael hates this expression & I love it)


Meanwhile, it is hard to stay focused at work for both of us ; our minds are elsewhere, already embracing the life Down Under !

Until our next post, cheers to you all !


Cependant, les étrangetés temporelles ne sont pas prêtes de s’arrêter là : pour ma première visite dans l’hémisphère Sud, j’attends d’être assez déboussolé par l’expérience des saisons inversées.  Nous avions stratégiquement choisi notre destination et la période pour éviter le froid Canadien à tout prix (Ostie Calisse en Tabernak!), mais à notre plus grande surprise, l’été australien n’est pas la meilleure saison, surtout dans les territoires du Nord, où nous nous dirigerons. Mais bon, tout est relatif, non ? Il nous reste encore beaucoup à planifier, nous avons du mal à rester concentré au travail tous deux ; l’esprit ailleurs, on se projette déjà sur les planches de surf à Byron Bay (Raphael se la pète un peu trop) !

En attendant notre prochain post, où que vous soyez dans le monde bonjour/bonne après-midi/bonsoir/bonne nuit.


One thought on “Seeing White in Chi-Beria // En Voyant Blanc

  1. Melbourne has the weirdest weather of anywhere in Australia I think, and as you may have heard is known for having four seasons in one day. In Brisbane, summer starts in September essentially, and just gets hotter until it cools off (by our standards) in March. Summer is technically Dec-Feb.

    I was in Melbourne visiting my boyfriend in mid and late dec/early jan and it was like winter. It was 15 degrees C (okay, so nothing like your winter), but I was stunned! It’s like that about 3 days a year in Brisbane’s actual winter! Meanwhile, up in Brisbane I was missing a terrible heatwave (sadly…I secretly enjoy heat waves).

    Anyway, so I’m like wow Melbourne is soo cold – yet now in Melbourne its 35 C still late at night, and Brisbane is about 5 degrees cooler (25 degrees C is PERFECT weather). So. Bizarre.

    Last March I was in Melbourne and my lipstick melted – which has never happened in Queensland. Possibly because they have a dry heat and we are humid. Who knows.

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