Life behind a lens

Today, I decided it was time to head to Apple to mentally (or harddrively) prepare my Mac for the thousands of photos it is about to have loaded into itself in the five upcoming months. After dealing with 5 “geniuses” I am good to go (I am not sure they are always geniuses….but I still never fail to be amazed at their abilities). I just downloaded a new software called Aperture, which is prepared to handle and help me edit, all the gems that are sure to be taken. Not to mention, my computer is running like it was just purchased yesterday after upgrading to OSx Mavericks (is it a good luck sign or what that the software is called Mavericks)! 

This past summer Raphael received a GoPro Camera, and recently purchased a pole & a waterproof casing. After giving it a few tests out, we ended up with some really great shots. The only issue we tended to run into were some water drops that ended up in our images. After filing through a few blogs, RainX is suggested. We’ll have to see how that goes! Independent, no need to worry about photo damage, a good little clone stamping on photoshop, and voila.

So, ladies and gentleman, I am now prepared to live life behind my many, many lenses. 

Below are a few shots from Corsica in Summer 2013. Note that you can barely tell the water damage, a little editing never hurt anyone! Feel free to comment if you are looking for any tips, I won’t bore you here!



The plane takes off Monday for the beginnings of our life Down Under! Check back this weekend on the blog for our official itinerary (please don’t stalk us) 


–C & R 




One thought on “Life behind a lens

  1. So excited for you guys! Will definitely download Aperture. In the very slow process of backing up my favourite files (read: 10,000 travel photos) before I upgrade to Maverick. My mac is 4.5 years old and definitely throwing in the towel, maybe an upgrade will help it stay alive a little longer! Planning on going to the Whitsundays this year so it would be more convenient to NOT buy a new Mac beforehand…

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