Basically. The trip of a lifetime.

As Promised, the following is the Itinerary Raphael & I plan to follow in the next 15 days.

Countless hours at a minimum wage job, pages of lonely planet flipped through, and sleepless nights pondering–TOMORROW is the day. Our goal, is to be planned & organized, but while maintaining that “backpacker” relaxed vibe about us. It’s all about our bucket list!

Got any ideas? Comment below!


Day 1: Melbourne

Day 2: Cairns

Day 3: Atherlon Tablelands

Day 4: Mission Beach

Day 5: Townsville & Magnetic Island

Day 6: Arlie Beach & Whitsundays

Day 7: Arlie Beach & Whitsundays

Day 8: Rainbow Beach

Day 9: Fraiser Island

Day 10: Fraiser Island

Day 11: Fraiser Island

Day 12: Brisbane with the amazing blogger bombshell of

Day 13: Byron Bay

Day 14: Byron Bay

Day 15: Back to Melbourne to begin the next 5 months of our lives in what CNN calls, the World’s Most Livable City in the World (more on that to come)



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