Day one, Couldn’t waste it being jetlagged


Day one down under and we couldn’t be happier. Jet lag was weighing the both of us down, but we couldn’t waste one minute! We spent the day in Melbourne, getting accustomed to the town, and just taking a general look about. We took a bit of time to discover the university of Melbourne, where we will be studying, and had a drink with a few friends that were passed along to us from a mutual Canadian friend ( gotta milk the network…). But actually, so helpful! They made us a great list of restaurants , cafés, and bars that we can’t wait to check out! Either way, our focus is still on the east coast ( ohhhahhhhh….)

Overall, our initial impression is that Melbourne is an extremely active place, with people busting around. Each street you turn has cute shops, and a unique blend of cafés, ethnic food ( yum), and bars. We can’t wait to get back! Raphael will have a few impressions in the next few days to share as well….but for now he is so jetlagged he doesn’t even know what day it is!

Looking forward to sharing the beginnings of the east coast with you all in the next few days!





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