Somewhere over the rainbow, our first foodie post

Today, we landed ourselves in rainbow beach after a 14 hour bus ride. Tired, decrepit, and hungry, we were unable to check into our hostel, dingos, which was average at best. As we wandered down the small town, we were 99% sure we would end up with yet another plate of fish and chips. However, someone sent us a miracle as we walked by cafe jilarty at rainbow.

Over the past few days we had been eating well, but something had been missing from our diet, brunch. The cafe was a combination of modern and beach culture with vibrant blue decorating the walls.

Claire took the banana French toast (pain perdu for the frenchies out there) and Raphael took a breakfast burrito. Overall, excellent. Quick service, fun decorations, and simple, filling dishes left this couple happy for hours to come…..until we went back again for an afternoon died coffee. I case you were wondering, there really is not much to do in rainbow beach as far as food and daytime activities go other than the beach.

Either way, the spot was a great place to catch up on some posting, and write some post cards! We cannot wait to return at the other end of our Fraser Island tour.






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