Sunday sessions in Brisbane’s CBD

Sorry it has been so long followers, but traveling has taken the best of my blogging regularity. But, since it is Sunday (at least here in Australia) I thought I would fill you all in on a little Aussie tradition I embraced while passing through Brisbane,the Sunday session. In the US one normally would say go to church or have brunch on Sunday, but in Australia they embrace the early afternoon with a social drink with friends.

In Brisbane I met up with my travel friend, Genevieve, a Brisbane native, who I originally had met in Paris while we were studying away in Paris at IESEG Business School. It has been a few years, but I knew exactly who to go to when I was planning my trip to Australia after reading her travel blog Wanderbug . However, today I was interested in some of her travel tips that fell a bit closer to home for her, that is her home town of Brisbane.

Meeting up with her in the early afternoon, we headed to the riverside where we caught up over drinks at three hotspot bars, Riverbar & Kitchen, Bavarian Bier Cafe, and Jade Buddha. Chatting the evening away, we enjoyed a small appetizer of pita and home-made hummus dips. Yet another reason to love Australian bars is hat you can order fresh fruit cocktails in jug formats. So, rather than loving your drink, passing it around to everyone to try, and ending up with an empty glass, you just order enough for everyone. Finally, we ladies don’t have to succumb to beer pitchers to find a sharable option!

As the sun sat, we watched boats pass on the river and the bridges light up the night. While Brisbane does not have the reputation of Melbourne or Sydney, it really should. It is a great stop along the east coast for travelers who are in need of a bit of city life and vibrancy. Walking back to our hotel, we noticed the large variety of unique architecture, cafés and bars.

The next next morning, Raphael and I embraced our inner foodie. Originally we had planned to go to Crave, but ended up at Groovetrain a spot which had a menu that hit the spot! Not to mention, it had an ideal location along the river, and tables which doubled as Space Invaders arcade game! Before heading out after a very short trip, we made a stop at a few local shops as well as the Brisbane botanic gardens. While we didn’t have any more than 24 hours in Brisbane, we can’t wait to return to see more of what the beautiful Queensland has to offer!














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