Byron flow, getting into the rhythm of byron bay (literally)


Namaste followers,

We hope your minds are at peace, we know ours are! Yes, we know that traveling is supposed to be relaxation in and of itself, but we put our energy at rest today while practicing yoga in Byron Bay at Vita Yoga at the Byron Beach Resort.

According to our instructor/guru Byron is the Yoga capital of Australia (unofficial). Overall, we took this as the perfect opportunity to partake in some gentile therapy focusing on brewing, core, and inner strength with basic poses. Neither of us had any real yoga experience other than the YouTube videos we occasionally attempt to follow, so this beginners oriented class was perfect for us!

Walking in, we wandered down the sand path of the resort to the yoga tent. Our instructor greeted us and welcomed us in. Removing our shoes (flip flops in our case –the only acceptable footwear in these beach towns) we were welcomed by the scent of warming incense, candles, and Indian fabrics draped across the dome shaped ceiling. From the outside, it appeared to be nothing more than a tent, but on the inside, we could just barely hear the white noise of birds and waves crashing on the beach located just 100 meters away.

We sat down cross legged on our mats and stretched out in a corpse pose to begin our session. Quickly, we were transported into the yoga with our mind focusing on the easy voice of our instructor. Easing into the poses with the exhales and inhales of our breath, we stretched and held basic poses that more or less “hit the spot” for both Raphael and I.

Next thing I know I am in child’s pose, and the instructor is humming out his ohm as we sat one last time cross legged on our matts. Walking out, we could all but hope that we can actually keep up with this practice as we continue on with our travels.

To conclude out healthy living morning we headed over on our bikes to a great vegetarian cafe called Heart&Halo. The food was absolutely delicious, crunchy, fresh, and hit the spot for both Raphael and I. Not to mention the portions were HUGE. At this point Raphael and I were both considering coming back to byron, if only just for the food (and the yoga)







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