Baby steps

Reality hit us quickly. Too quickly. All of a sudden we had returned back from our trip on the east coast, and had landed ourselves into a huge metropolis, with trains, busses, bustling people, and time constraints. We were confused about where all the beaches and palm trees were, that we had so dreamed about when choosing Australia as our destination. So, we decided to take a few steps back, and get out of the city center to visit the beaches and the ocean we had come to know and love, located a 30 minute ride to the coast. In choosing our destination, We decided that before emerging ourself too far into the lifestyle of Australia, we decided that we needed to be tourists for just a bit longer. So, we took the train to one of Melbourne’s most iconic locations, the beach huts on Brighton Beach.

When we were initially Preparing to leave on our trip to Australia and Melbourne, we continuously saw cute photographs of the Brighton Beach houses on every brochure, post card, and book about Melbourne. Overall, even if they were just little painted huts along a beach, they were a must on our bucket list. Overall, going there was somewhat like going to the Eiffel Tower– it doesn’t really have any particular meaning to you, but it is so iconic, you just have to go there. So, without swim suits or beach towels, we headed to take a look.

The huts were lined up along the coast, each one more uniquely painted than the next. We were in no way alone as we were on many of the beaches on the east coast, but it was none the less beautiful. As the bay arced around the coast, we had panoramic views of the city, and the bike trails that looped along the beachside. It reminded me a lot of the coast along Lake Michigan, with a view similar to what would see from a city beach in Chicago. Admiring the view, we walked for miles from Brighton to St Kilda, smiling with our toes yet again the the sand, sun, and surf. Before ending our time at the coast, we decided that we really shouldn’t ever pass too long a time without making time for a trip to the sea.















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