Simple things

After finally getting settled in Melbourne, I can finally say I am beginning to call this place home (or at least for the next few months). Yet, reflecting on what I really love about Australia, it comes down to the simple things.

For instance, I love all the little local coffee shops around me, and how they take their coffee more seriously than the coffee mastering nation themselves, Italy (this “fact” comes straight to you from my Italian roommate”). I love the complete new mix of cultures that exist here, completely different from that of the US or Canada. Finally, I have come to love the active lifestyle they live here. As simple as it sounds, just having the ability to ride your bike around in February is a blessing coming from Montreal. I am not trying to brag in the least, but normally at this time of year I would still be under inches of snow.

This past weekend, Raphael and I took the time to embrace two things we love here, riding our bikes and cafés. We took the Merri Creek Trail along the waterway for a few scenic kilometers before arriving at a local cafe shop we had read about in a review of Melbourne’s cafés. Called “a minor place.” Without even a sign on the front, the cafe did all of nothing to toot its own horn. However, it’s simplicity, and down to earth roots, made it a peaceful place to catch up on a few readings (yes, mom I’m studying) while enjoying one of the coffees that melbournians (not sure how you call people that come from Melbourne) take so seriously.

Anyways, I thought I would share with you all a few photos of the tranquility I found along the Merri Creek Path, as I figure you have seen enough pictures of latte art that is point. It wasn’t at all the sunniest day in the world, but I enjoyed just having the simple ability to get outside. So, this one goes out to all of you still under a few inches of fluffy white– here I am sending a bit of green your way!










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