As Bear Grylls would say…it’s good to eat

For Raphael & I, everyday is a battle with the never ending question “what should we eat.” But on Wednesdays, the question is not what to eat, but what not to eat. On Wednesday nights, we head to the Victoria Market, where hundreds of booths are out on display to offer up their best multi-cultural dishes. With choices ranging from Polish to Indian and Fusion, my mouth is watering just writing about it. Walking up and down the rows of food booths, the building quite literally represents the smell of the world at dinner time.

Beyond dinner, The Night Market boasts tens of cocktail stands offering up exciting varieties of blended drinks and vats of sangria. Local vineyards and brewhouses come out the market to put on display their newest concoctions for tastings and sale. One group, Two Italian Boys had their motorcycles out on display along with their wines, blasting techno music and attracting quite the crowd. A few tastes by Raphael, and it is French Approved.

For dessert, local fruit stands offered artfully cut mangos. Another breed of Italian was populating The Night Market offering up fresh-made gelato, and hand dipped ice-cream bars. As we gobbled up our respective plates, we heard a swell of sound coming from the crowd. Going to check out the buzz, TV crews were hot on the scene filming the Australian Series My Kitchen Rules. In fact, the pumpkin empanada that we had eaten earlier, was made instantly better, as we realized it was cooked by a TV celebrity.

Leaving the market, a stomachs and taste buds were more than satisfied. We knew we would need to come back, as the only thing that was holding us back from sampling everything was out stomach size. Leaving the row of booths, we noticed at least 5 more stands we would absolutely need to sample.

Foodies Beware! This Wednesday March 26 is the last day the Night Market will be on for the season! Check it out! Sorry in advance for the photo quality…it is hard to take a good picture when your mouth is watering and your nose can’t decide what culinary goodness to smell next!












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