Game, Set, Match

Arriving in Australia, we missed The Australian Open by a a matter of days this past February. One would have thought that with our amazing planning abilities, we would have been able to think ahead far enough to see the likes of Rafa Nadal (my favorite) and Roger Federer (Raphael’s Favorite) live in colour. So, we settled for the next best thing, and headed to the walk of fame at Rod Laver Arena. Walking amongst the faces of Agassi, Federer, and Serena, we felt inspired–so inspired that we walked our way all the way to the reception, and signed up to play on the courts!

For all you tennis fans, for a mere $30 total, Rod Laver opens its courts to you for the hour to play on court 3, surrounded by an arc of stands, stadium lights, and reporter booths. In fact, we may have been playing in the quarterfinals themselves as the sun beat down at a balmy 40 degrees that day. For my pale skin, the arena began to feel like an oven. While the stands coddled our shots from the breeze, they did not help in cooling us down. Let’s just call it an authentic experience. Besides, I suppose I needed a workout after all these delicious calorie bombs I have been having recently! In no way are we professional players, but we had a blast getting back into the swim of things (literally)! In the next few months in Melbourne we look forward to checking out a few different courts in Fitzroy & Carlton, Doubles anyone? 

With the sun beating down, the matched battled on between Raphael & I.

Would anyone like to guess who won? Comment below!  











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