L’Auberge Espagnol

Sorry for not posting over the past few days! However, Raphael and I have not be doing anything all that exciting in terms of travel. But, I figured I would fill you all in on our lifestyle, one of my favorite aspects of Australia. Here in Melbourne, Raphael and I have settled ourselves in a large share house with TWELVE roommates. Originally, we felt as if this was a disaster waiting to happen. However, we couldn’t be happier!

With us included, the demographics are astounding!

2 Brits

3 Italians

2 American

1 Indian

3 French

1 Spaniard

Living in this mosh of cultures, I feel like I am on the set of the movie L’Auberge Espagnol

Amongst the benefits of living with so many amazing foodie cultures is that FOUR of them happen to be chefs. So, let’s talk PIZZA, PASTA, CAKE, BREAD ahhhh, thank god we already made our swimsuit wearing trip down the East Coast! Every night is Thanksgiving.

Around 10PM the house comes alive as the chefs arrive back at home. A little taste here, a little sharing there, and voila, a celebration is in order. For me, the largest challenge is always choosing the correct wine. It is always a battle between who has the best wine….Italy, France, Spain, or Australia…the debate continues on!


Over the past few weeks we have embraced our foodie house and the weather and have headed out for a few late night picnics in Edenburgh Gardens a few blocks away. Our picnics are so delicious we tend to attract a bit of local wildlife….


Last night, we felt particularly inspired, and we organized a double-date Italian feast with our couple friends/roommates (One Italian + One French) complete with Pasta Carbonara and a Chocolate Mousse Cake.












In all honesty, the chocolate mousse cake was originally supposed to be a chocolate mousse, but our arms could not handle the beating necessary to create the whipped cream or eggs with white peaks. In the end, the mousse was more of a liquid pudding, but not to worry, one of the chefs came to our rescue! At little flour and a little baking powder was added to the chocolate soup, put in the oven for 45 minutes, and “BAM” the moistest cake I have ever made! Smooth, Silky, Creamy, and DELICIOUS, the calorie bomb continued on!








This morning, I woke up, and breakfast was not even an option, all I could do was lay there, staring at the ceiling, pondering the kilos I ate last night. C’est la vie! It was SO worth it! I don’t know if I will ever be able to go back to buttered noodles and box cake again!


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