Gelatorgastronomy at N2 Extreme Gelato

I never was one for Chemistry, something about the numbers and letters and molecule diagrams had me going a bit bonkers with my best friend in our second year of high school. However, walking down the street, and seeing people in lab coats making ice cream chemistry, that was intriguing.



A line out the store, white smoke filling up the cooking area, and gelatos with syringes of sauces stabbed into them, N2 Extreme Gelato was a place I needed to try. So, I said screw the eggs and chocolates this year and I hopped in line to try N2’s special Easter Weekend line up.


I ordered a Deconstructed Chocolate Lava

**drumroll please**

Chocolate Sour Cream Gelato, Dusted with Coco Powder, Stabbed with a WARM Chocolate Ganache Syringe, and a white chocolate easter bunny to top it off. Death by chocolate anyone?

20140418_213558 (1)


It was delicious! While I was initially worried about the fact that a chemical was poured over my food, it in fact brought the gelato to the perfect temperate making the texture smooth, velvety, and creamy. The cherry on the cake being, the fact that I got to douse my sundae with warm chocolate sauce out of a syringe.

I can’t wait to try another one of N2’s rotating flavors after I come back from New Zealand

Happy Easter Everyone!


P.S. Thanks to our friend Lars for his photography skills this time around!



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