The Lion The Witch and the Campervan: Castle Hill

Along our way through Arthur’s Pass we stopped at a turnoff in Castle Hill. Having not planned to stop at the Hobbit Village, we figured the second best option would be to see one of the areas where the Narnia series was posted. Not a particular fan of either of the films myself, my main goal was to be transported into the fantasy that each of the films portrays.




The unique, giant limestone boulders tower over your head, helping us to put in perspective the size of the mountains, and cliffs around us. The small trek to the top of the boulder field was nothing more than a grassy path; after which we were let free to wander about exploring the nooks and crannies the soft rock had formed.

P1040424 P1040427 P1040435

In the distance we saw rock climbers belaying up larger boulders, and imagined the view would be absolutely spectacular from the top looking over the valley. With the late day catching up on us, we witnessed the shadows creating unique, long, somber shadows. In fact, the atmosphere has been noted as the “spiritual center of the universe” by the Dali Lama on his visit to New Zealand’s South Island in 2002. As a closing to our first day’s hike, we took a moment to absorb the moment on what would very much become the trip of a lifetime.

P1040416 P1040436

Keep following our journey in the days to come!



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