A place to call home

Have you ever noticed how coming back home after time away can make you love where you came from even more?

Please excuse this pause from my ogling over my time in New Zealand, but the past few days in Melbourne have been absolutely fantastic.

Just yesterday Raphael and I got our bikes out and headed for a ride around the city. We started at flinders station, headed to St Kilda, then off to Port Melbourne, through the CBD (central business district) via the Yarra River esplanade by the Crown casino, then back to North Fitzroy using the Capital City Trail with a quick stop at Abottsford Convent.

Not only was the sun shining, but we managed to catch the rich dusk sun as it reflected on the fall colored leaves, reflecting on the windows of the tall downtown buildings. Riding down the Yarra, we caught sight of row boats profiting from a mirror-like river.

At the end of the day, we had ridden more than 35 kilometers on our bike, and felt like we knew Melbourne and it’s Inner suburbs in a whole new way.










2 thoughts on “A place to call home

  1. I find that going away and experiencing somewhere new makes me want to continue the exploring when I get home, and it’s only then that I find that, actually, there is loads to do where I live, I’ve just always taken it for granted! Mind you…I’ve just moved to London so I’ve got lots on the doorstep to explore!

    • Thanks for your reply! I always find it crazy when I meet a tourist, and they know moe about my home than I do! Enjoy London, I imagine there is heaps to explore, it’s on my bucket list!

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