Ferg loves us!

So, we have been feeling the pressure recently following up our Wanaka post! Looking back, our two days in Wanaka were beyond what I ever could have imagined. Driving along, I did not really understand how any place could possible top Wanaka (though in travelling, it is never a competition, it is all about appreciating each place for it’s little bits of personality!).

photo 1NZ-Queenstown

Driving along, the scenery of steep mountainsides and small mountain lakes that popped out from around the bends made for an exciting adventure in The Spaceship. Catching a bit of rain on our drive between Wanaka and Queenstown, we stumbled upon a rainbow, a sign from above that a great adventure was sure to come! photo 1

Pulling into a camp site after a long past few days, we decided to ditch the camping stove, and head into town to rejoin civilization. Queenstown is like a mini mecca; chock full of subways, pita pits, post offices, tourist bureaus, and even a Starbucks–it is nice to appreciate a few small comforts after camping!

We scavenged past the corporate chains and made our way in line for what is supposedly the best burger in the world–Ferg Burger.  P1050064

…and oh boy was it! If there are any Ferg Burger lovers reading this, I know your pain ever having to eat a “normal” burger again! Ferg Burger started as an unassuming burger shop in 2002 and quickly became a fan favorite. Open 21 hours per day, Queenstown adrenalin junkies and nature addicts alike have the luck of this gem of a burger joint in their neighborhood. Passing through Queenstown twice on our tour of the South Island, Ferg Burger was a must. 

After waiting in a short line, you have the chance to place your order, and let the waiting begin. After about 45 minutes of number calling chaos, the burger arrived! At that point, we had the choice to leave with our burgers or eat on site, with heaps of ogling, waiting customers–we chose the latter.

Wrapped neatly in its packaging, the burger was as large as my hand. While it may not be the most glorious of photos, I will just pop a few in here, but note that Ferg Burger is no luxury cuisine. Yet, you will not be leaving here hungry! Raphael and I were both extremely impressed with how well the massive burger stayed together while devouring it in all of its aioli and fresh bun goodness.

P1050063P1050061photo 3

While I can’t imagine ever getting all that far away from the shop with the smell and weight of the burger in your hand, here are a few shots I discovered when researching Ferg. This photographer placed the burger in glorious locations throughout Queenstown (in case you needed any more convincing!)


We didn’t have the time or the budget to explore much of the adrenalin Queenstown is renowned for, but we did make a point to stop off to view the AJ Hackett Bungy off the Kawarau Bridge. While we had no intention of jumping, I must say that the view was amazing. With the light and the colours of fall and the steep walls of the river, I was perfectly happy watching from the side.

photo 4photo 3

Unfortunately we did not have heaps of time to spend in Queenstown, but we would be extremely excited to return one day to ski, and explore the snowy winter in this ski town.

photo 1photo 5photo 4

After a one day rejuvenation, we headed off to Te Anau and Milford Sound to see glowworms and the Fijordlands! Keep following in the next few days for more!

Till next time,




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